Some links:

Google Finance
Google News
Hacker News
Ars Technica
lifehacker night school
Something Awful forums
Bruce Schneier

Blogs or something?

Android Developers Blog
Reddit Blog

Scalability blogs and news sites?

High Scalability
Perspectives by James Hamilton
Paper Trail
All Things Distributed
Useful Stuff, which had a list of links to stay up to date on data science and big data

Scalability... documents?

14 Rules for Faster-Loading Web Sites
On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services
The C10K problem (getting web servers to handle 10k simultaneous clients)
High-Performance Server Architecture

Necesito a practicar

Spanish Wikipedia (and Google Translate)

Software stuff

The Architecture of Open Source Applications books
Eloquent Javascript
Web Development Learning Resources
Lambda the Ultimate
Coding Horror
Dr. Dobb's
The Daily WTF
Joel on Software
Mozilla Developer Center
stackoverflow - programming q & a
Chrome developer tools
w3fools web development links
W3C validator
IEEE Computer Society
Foundations of Computer Science
Learn You a Haskell for Great Good
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
Other Ruby Documentation
Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good
Syntax for various programming languages
Linux Journal
"Preparing Yourself for Modern JavaScript Development"
Python Cheat Sheet
Writing your first Django app, part 1
a tornado of razorblades by Adam Wiggins
css Zen Garden
GUI Architectures
jster - javascript libraries
News item on Hacker News linking to an algorithm textbook, with comparisons to other textbooks
Code length comparisons (mentions Rosetta Code, which shows implementations of tasks in several languages)
(Building) The 7 Books of a Highly Effective Programmer
Descriptions of a few handy Unix commands
Tour of Ruby MRI Source Code
Ruby Programming on Wikibooks
Enterprise Application Architecture Patterns
Code Project
Signal vs. Noise, from 37signals
Code as Craft, from Etsy
"Tcl the misunderstood"
Google: Make the web faster
Designing Fast Websites presentation
How JavaScript works talk
Performance Calendar
Python Infrequently Answered Questions
Coding for Interviews books
The Exceptional Beauty of Doom 3's Source Code
12 Resolutions for Programmers and What Every Computer Science Major Should Know
Pathfinding demo
Changes to Java String representation in 1.7.0_06
blip: a tool for seeing your Internet latency
The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection
"Useful links for web development"
"Navigating the Postmodern Python World"
Quine Relay
Essential Math for Games Programmers
Sikuli - automate gui testing
I find Microsoft's blog page organization pretty opaque, but here is Server and Tools Blogs, which contains links to other useful stuff
PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook
StarCraft AI Competition
Object Oriented Super Class Method Calling with JavaScript
J2EE 1.4 Tutorial
Going Native 2013 C++ conference
Dungeons & Developers - rpg skill tree style list of web developer skills
LinuxMM - wiki for Linux memory management
Prototypal Master Class, Crockford
OOP in Javascript
Badass Javascript
Some people don't like w3schools (includes links to other web development resources)
IE Internals blog posts
Computer networking learning resources from Hacker News

Hardware stuff
Hack a Day
Artisan's Asylum
Ars Technica system guide Dec 2011 p2
How quantum computers work
Alfred Poor's HDTV Almanac
Bunnie Huang Open Source Laptop
6502 Overflow Flag Explained
Video about how a transistor works
Building a Keyboard from Scratch
Autodesk partnering with to launch electronics design tool: 123D Circuits

Online learning and MOOCs

Khan Academy
No Excuse List (links to many sites)
New Stanford Online Classes
Old Stanford online classes (on Class2Go):
Future Learn, a UK site
Nand to Tetris Building a Modern Computer from First Principles
CourseBacon - lists courses, tutorials, e-books
Another list of resources
Iversity - European MOOCs
Some more traditional stuff:
Stanford's CS106B: Programming Abstractions in C++
MIT OpenCourseware 6.00 Intro to Computer Science and Programming
Some suggested physics reading
Harvard's CS50 resources
IAP 6.828 - accelerated operating systems

Security Stuff

Special Publication 800-12: An Introduction to Computer Security: The NIST Handbook
Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations
PCI DSS v1.2 in a Nutshell
IT Infrastructure Library
Microsoft on Firewalls
Syngress and Computer Security Downloadable Content from Elsevier

User Interface Stuff

Balsamiq - a tool for creating mockups
How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation
Ten Usability Heuristics
Severity Ratings for Usability Problems
Justinmind prototyper
First Principles of Interaction Design

Books (yes, some duplicates, etc.)

The Architecture of Open Source Applications books
Game Programming Patterns
Learn Python the Hard Way
Graphics Programming Black Book - assembly language, graphics programming, profiling, code testing, performance optimization
The Art of Unix Programming by ESR
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp
High Performance Browser Networking
Programming and Programming Languages
An Introduction to Computer Networks by Peter Dordal

Hosted stuff


I like MMOs

Some good Secret World guides and FAQs
Eve alliance tournament

I used to be all into these


My efforts to understand what's going on with the economy 2008-2009 have led me to read a bunch of random stuff...

The Baseline Scenario - Peter Boone, Simon Johnson, James Kwak
The Conscience of a Liberal - Paul Krugman
Grasping Reality with Both Hands - Brad DeLong
Economists's View - Mark Thoma
Marginal Revolution - Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok. I was surprised to find interesting stuff in the comments section the last time I was reading here.
Yglesias - Matthew Yglesias
Econbrowser - James D. Hamilton, Menzie Chinn
FT Alphaville
And then down the road, I found some other possibly interesting material...
naked capitalism

Maybe I'll check these occasionally

Letters of Note and its sister site Lists of Note
The Register
The New Yorker
"I Will Teach You To Be Rich"

Are these interesting?

Cat and Girl
Paul Graham
Penny Arcade
Schlock Mercenary
Dark Reading
Washington Post - The Fact Checker
The Volokh Conspiracy

10 Things to Do Every Day to Improve Your Life


Civil Liberties

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center)

The Rest

Children covering Rammstein
Consumer Reports
The Scheme Underground
Picture of the earth at night
Sir Robert Peel ("founder of modern policing") had some rules for policing that I find very reasonable.
Synergetics, Section 205.00 Vector Equilibrium
The Art of Science Competition at Princeton University

Robotic Life Block Study!

NetHack links
Devnull tournament login

R. J. Leahy

LOTRO forums

Prospect Hill Forge Calendar


News Map
Christian Science Monitor
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Engineering Our World: MIT School of Engineering E-Newsletter

Google Maps
Fresh Meat

Rudyard Kipling is awesome
("Pretty hip for a dead white guy," I think someone once said.)
I have less evidence on which to base my opinion of G.K.Chesterton, but he has written some good stuff, like The Last Hero (also here)

Teach Yourself Programming in 10 Years
Some Stuff On HTML
How To Be A Programmer
Software Release Practice HOWTO
Basic Linux and Unix Bibliography
technicat - excellent writing, including Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers
Joel on Software, reddit: Joel on Software - what's new online

Personal Development for Smart People - Steve Pavlina

Ant Manual
Zelix Klassmaster Documentation

MMO forums:
TenTonHammer (WoW)

EMS Network - a site for first responders? Interesting Hurricane Katrina links.

More blogs:
Marginal Revolution
The Huffington Post
David Friedman

Java Code Conventions

The Daily WTF - samples of bad code
How to Write Unmaintainable Code

CoH/CoV character builder

Ursus got excellent photos at Pennsic.
Balfar in the Heroic Champions Tourney

Northern Army Practice Sites

"Informed Consent" - Juan Cole's blog
The Cato Institute (Libertarian public policy research foundation)

Healing Our World

Hello, Dollar! - financial advice site
The Mortgage Professor

Schlock Mercenary
Little Gamers
White Ninja
Sam and Fuzzy

Partway through an intro to the language

Regexp Syntax Summary

Hammer User's Guide
Other Source SDK Documentation
VERC Collective Forum (front page), the actual forums

Coldwell Banker
Commonwealth Realtors

Harvard Extension School
Cambridge Center for Adult Ed

MIT Parking Info

Boston Craigslist

Lamellar armor pics, and some more

Winds of Change.NET (War on Terror stuff... some good info... some of the "if you're anti-war, you're anti-US" sentiment, I think)
Phil and Becky (he's serving in the US military overseas, and writes well)
malungtvnews (I think this site is trying to publicize the London Muslim community's outlook.)

More links:
Just Cause Law Collective
Illustrations for Gravity's Rainbow
Alien Swarm: Infested
Check out May 10 here
Turkish Star Trek
A nice speech from Ted Kennedy
Thomas, "U.S. Congress on the Internet"
NIN + Ray Parker Jr
Hiroo Onoda learned about the end of World War II 29 years after the fact. Amazing.
Google map of the Burning Man area
American Prospect Online, a Progressive magazine, and possible future stuff for stuff

Eclipse (the game, not the development environment), and Samurai Legends are a couple of student-written Half-Life 2 mods.
(Southern Methodist University has a computer game design program called The Guildhall.)

Little Fluffy Industries: Free Online Games Daily

From this link:

We write to alert you to a proposed U.S. federal action to remove an important geospatial resource from the public domain. The U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has proposed to withdraw all aeronautical data and products from public distribution.

Stuff from the CS Monitor on Ethical Investing
FCC forms are fun!
Neat CS Monitor article on citizens running their own disaster relief.
Some people really don't like gmail. Enough that I'm making a separate page of links.
New Beer Tap
"Why Do You Work So Hard?" - career advice
Globe review of Basta Pasta, an outstanding restaurant

This Viking action figure looks pretty accurate. I'm impressed.

Home Depot openings... The interesting thing here is apparently that Home Depot does extensive demographic analysis before opening new branches. The claim that I have heard is that if a Home Depot is opening somewhere, it's a safe bet that that area will grow more populous in the near future, so it might be a reasonable place to invest in housing.

Some democrats have written a Dissent Regarding the Patriot Act, which I think makes for interesting reading, and which I think makes strong arguments for rolling back some of the provisions of the Patriot Act.
FAQ about some political quiz. I like the Libertarian book links at the end.
This is an awesome art project. I love it. I wish I'd thought of it.

Translation of Star Wars Episode 3 from English to Chinese and back again.
Footage of an octopus kicking a shark's butt.
ACLU stuff on FBI files - I didn't find much useful here, but I figured I'd keep the link around
ACLU links to government documents on torture. The FOIA is a good thing.
Recently (relative to August 9, 2005), The Campaign for America put the spotlight on some Democratic Members of Congress for "voting with the right wing on the Bankruptcy Bill, the so-called Tort Reform bill, CAFTA and the Energy Bill." Accountability is good.
A while back, I heard a great song on the radio. It was The Girl With the Flyaway Hair, by Annie Gallup. Based on her web site, her stuff seems pretty neat.
Christopher Walken for President, 2008

The Washington Monthly, some political thing
The Arctic Beacon - freedom of the press is good. Fact-checking can be cool, too.
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor - good stuff
Nice Wisby Coat reconstruction photos forums
Review of a book about living mortgage free by buying land, building temporary housing next to your building site, and then building your own home. Amazon carries it, and has more reviews.
Advice for web page accessibility
Lyrics for (Metallica version of) Turn the Page, a song I love. Er. I haven't heard their version, but I love the original.
Robertson, Chavez, and Bush - An Unholy Trinity - interesting article
Michael Zalewski's site - computer security expert, seems like a cool guy, has a book out. Here's an excerpt. Neat stuff.
Somehow I've also run across another interesting-looking book, GreyDove's Songbook (includes Catalan Vengeance)
A Wired article by Neal Stephenson
Energy Generating Backpack
Power Strip Alternative!
Link to sale on the book Arte Gladiatoria
Info on local SCA fencing practices
Time management tips from CodeProject.
Things I've Learned from British Folk Ballads
Broussard on Meet the Press - state of things in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Waiver to do athletic stuff at MIT
Interesting-looking house
Chocolate and wine can be part of a heart-healthy diet
FEMA Internment Camp
Vikings are just Swedish pirates
Really Excellent Artwork (by Ken Wong)
Trogdor Turns 3
Battlestar Galacticsimpsons (aw, so cute)
What code DOESN'T do in real life (that it does in the movies)
The World of the Vikings
Mortgage Rate Trends
Amon Amarth - Viking Metal
Edward Tufte Courses
Stupid, Ugly, and Rich
The Skeptical Environmentalist
Video on Robert Anton Wilson
Stanford Center for Internet and Society
Toothpaste for Dinner on Second Life
Book online - The Authoritarians ("anti-state, anti-war, pro-market")
Doubleyou Tee Eff (Operations Northwoods) is awesome
Background checks at the Canadian border
"Man files suit after Cheney encounter"
here and here are some very cool sculptures
Religious videos with Rage's Wake Up
ISPs selling clickstream data? article, source
Nova - Great Escape
Krazy Kat
10 Anti-Phishing Firefox Extensions
Daniel Pinkwater on Pineapple Exam: 'Nonsense on Top of Nonsense'
No Spill Kangaroo Cup
The Observatory of Economic Complexity
Free the Files - ProPublica looking into political ad spending
Jim Carrey's web site is amazing
Music trackers sound interesting
Understanding the Fourier Transform
Certification Authority Visualization
The Lambda Calculus
Chuck Close on creativity (tldr: don't procrastinate - do your work)
Geoguessr - extremely cool exploration game
Peter Neumann's home page
Gamasutra article on F2P monetization tricks
Joel on Software article about Ask Patents, a site for improving the patent system
Interview with William Gibson, from The Paris Review
Amicus - startup helping nonprofits
Background on XKCD #1190 - Time
Cthulhu bandanas
Learn to Read Korean in 15 Minutes
Confusing Massachusetts Software Tax?
507 Mechanical Movements
NIST 800-53, a free list of recommended security controls
How a car engine works - animated illustrations
What's Up in the Solar System - diagram of space probes
A guide to staying secure from Bruce Schneier
Most popular coding fonts (Source Code Pro or here)
Swartz Report: Community Engagement - place for MIT community to provide feedback about questions raised by Aaron Swartz Report
American Red Cross on Emergency Preparedness
Excellent Armour Site
Massad Ayoob on Guns
Legal Insurrection

Martial arts info

Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) - semi recommended by Rob, features Alec Guinness playing 8 roles

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