Ely Dahan

Contact Information

MIT Sloan School of Management
38 Memorial Drive, E56-317
Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: (617) 253-0492 [Office]
(617) 258-7597 [Fax]
E-mail: edahan@mit.edu

2001 Courses Being Taught

15.828 New Product Development

15.831 Marketing High Technology Products


 Curriculum Vitae

Research Thrust

Integrating product design, marketing and manufacturing. Modeling of tradeoffs between customer preferences and company costs and competencies. Optimal prototyping strategy, parallel versus sequential prototyping.

Recent Working Papers (click to download or view)

Empirical Test of Polyhedral Adaptive Conjoint (PDF format), with John R. Hauser, Duncan Simester and Olivier Toubia

The Profit Saddle: Returns to Unit Cost Reduction (PDF format), with V. Seenu Srinivasan

The Virtual Customer (PDF format), with John R. Hauser

Managing Dispersed NPD (PDF format), with John R. Hauser

Internet Concept Testing (PDF format), with V. Seenu Srinivasan

New Products and Extreme Value Theory (PDF format), with Haim Mendelson

Parallel Testing for Technical Feasibility (PDF format) with Haim Mendelson

Make to Stock versus Build to Order (PDF format) with Kyle Cattani and Glen Schmidt

Web-Based Concept Testing

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