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Who am I?

Okay, so that was not a picture of me at the top of this page, but you probably guessed that. Here you can find a picture of me, but it's not a great picture. It was taken with a camera connected to a SGI Indy in one of the computer clusters.

Where am I from?

Well, I am from Memphis, Tennessee. You can visit the Elvis Home Page if you like, but there are other things in Memphis, like my high school, White Station.

What do I do?

I am a grad student at MIT and an Electrical Engineering major, and I graduated in June 1996 with a bachelor's degree in Physics, and I just finished up my Master's thesis in EE.

Why is this page so uninteresting?

Well, it's not as interesting as most other people's pages, but it serves its purpose well. It holds the links that I like to go to, and none of the ones I don't. That's what I think a home page should do.
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