Greg Hudson

Greg Hudson

This home page has a little bit of personal information about me, but is mostly intended to provide information about my projects.

Who I Am

I am the release engineer for MIT's Deliver Athena Team, the group that maintains the system software used in MIT's primary undergraduate computing system. I'm also a past chairman of SIPB, a volunteer student group.

Software I've Written

Here are some programs I lay claim to having written:

Most of what I do these days is work on existing code, not write it from scratch. Fixing problems in existing code is probably more useful than writing new programs, but is ultimately less satisfying.

What I Do

As with most documents on the web, this list may be out of date. These are just the projects I spend a significant amount of time on. As you can see, most of these projects involve several people. I welcome efforts to help out on most of these projects, and will be happy to talk about them or answer specific questions, but I can't spend a whole lot of time bringing people up to speed on them. I've listed work projects first, then SIPB projects, and then personal projects.

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