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    As a fairly well-traveled geoscientist, I think that I'm the closest thing there is to a physical manifestation of a world wide Webb. Generous by nature, I thought I'd share with the world my personal world-wide web, mostly woven of travels associated with studying the ocean floor. Below, therefore, is the world wide Webb's web.

    To glimpse a bit of the world at each of the numbered location, select a number below. All photos by me except for 18 (Colleen Cavanaugh) and 7 (Yu Jin, I think.)

    1 Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand / 2 Royal Palace, Kingdom of Tonga / 3 Outside the Dateline Hotel / 4 Typical Tahitian Waterfall / 5 A Bird!! / 6 A dreary day on Easter Island / 7 Me on R/V Maurice Ewing in port, Valparaiso, Chile / 8 Springtime in the desert / 9 Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland / 10 Lisbon walkway / 11 Creeping hotel fungus, Gran Canaria / 12 Cathedral bit, Strasbourg / 13 Kew Gardens / 14 Rio from Mt. Sugarloaf / 15 The late R/V Conrad, ready to go / 16 Sunset / 17 Hello we must be going / 18 Science party photo aboard R/V Knorr / 19 Azores View / 20 There were interesting rocks out back.

    Other Webbs are similarly deluted...

    Helen Faith Webb

    Last modified September 17, 1998.