Lynne Bolduc

    Application Development Manager & Senior Multimedia Producer

    MIT Center for Educational Computing Initiatives (CECI)

    As of January 1996, I can be reached at L.B.Interactive.



Design, develop, and produce multimedia applications in local and distributed-network environments for Macintosh, Windows, and Unix platforms. Responsible for all phases of application design and management from conceptualization through delivery, including scheduling and personnel management. Design and implement efficient electronic publishing systems to optimize synchronous management of code development and media preparation among diverse teams in assorted locations. Manage industry-academic projects. Create commercial and prototype multimedia products.


Integrate content-management systems and application-coding process. Extend benefits of object-oriented application design model to leverage a 'just-in-time compile scenario. At runtime, code selectively taps key content database record fields to generate media-reference indices on the fly -- effectively automating media library generation within the code at runtime. These integrated object-oriented production systems map squarely onto emerging requirements for multimedia applications that interface with organic corporate, editorial, and archival databases available over distributed networks and the internet.



"Exploring the Art and Science of Stopping Time: The Life and Work of Harold E. Edgerton"
CECI Application Developer and Multimedia Producer, Macintosh/Windows CD-ROM, published by MIT Press, November 1999.
Supported by the Harold and Esther Edgerton Foundation, produced by James Sheldon, collaborating institutions: George Eastman House, MIT Center for Educational Computing Initiatives, The MIT Museum, The Edgerton Center - MIT.

Bolduc, L., "Mastering Difficult Concepts Using Software to Support Learning: A Case Study in Teaching Mandarin Chinese", Journal of Science Education and Technology, Plenum Publishing, (Vol. 6, No. 2, June 1997)



Multimedia Application Designer - Developer - Producer
Center for Educational Computing Initiatives and Visual Computing Group - Project Athena, MIT (1990-1996)

"Exploring the Art and Science of Stopping Time: The Life and Work of Harold E. Edgerton"
Macintosh/Windows CD-ROM published by MIT Press, November 1999.

"Dangerous Disregard: Our Endangered Environment"
AthenaMuse 2.0 prototype, Windows NT. CD-ROM.

"The MIT Museum: AthenaMuse 2.0 Distributed-Network Client Application"
AthenaMuse 2.0 prototype, Unix.

"The MIT Museum: Architectural Drawings Collection",
AthenaMuse 1.4 prototype, Unix, Distributed Network. AthenaMuse 2.0 prototype, Macintosh. Local.

"Environmental Literacy"
Technical Consultant, HyperCard prototype, Macintosh. CD-ROM.

"Doc's World: The Life and Work of Harold E. Edgerton"
AthenaMuse 1.3 prototype, Unix. Distributed Network.

"Satchmo the Scrambler" -- Visual Computing Group, Project Athena.
Programmer and Co-developer, AthenaMuse 1.0 DDL adventure-game tutorial,
Distributed Network.

AthenaMuse Authoring Environment System-Software Engineering & Design Team
Application Developers' Representative, Univeral-Platform Distributed-Network Multimedia Authoring System.

AthenaMuse Application Editors System-Software Engineering & Design Team
Co-developer, Application Editor Suite, Univeral-Platform Distributed-Network Multimedia Authoring System.

Summer Multimedia Institute at CECI
Co-Founder and -Director,

"Educational Computing in the Twenty-First Century: Building from Project Athena"
Conference Program Director.


International Data Group (IDG), Boston, MA (Fall 1994)
Interactive Design Consultant and HTML Programmer, Corporate Home Page.


Consulting and Training Services Division, Organizational Dynamics, Inc., Burlington, MA (1988-1991)
Electronic Publishing Systems Manager, 35-member publishing group. Macintosh, DOS, and Unix systems. Emerging digital technology and media industry consultant, Advanced Technologies division start-up team.


Independent Consulting Contracts, (1987-1990)
Production Management and Electronic Publishing System Design Strategies; Macintosh, IBM, Sun hardware and software solutions. Scott-Foresman Little Brown; Cambridge Report on Superconductivity; Technology Entrepreneurs' Roundtable, sponsored by Digital Equipment Corporation; System Dynamics Society, MIT; W.R.Grace.


Consumer Software & Trade Computer Book Division, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, (1983-1987)
National and international product marketing management responsibility for the entire division. Independently managed annual marketing budget, designed and launched national marketing campaigns for all titles and series such as:  "The J.R.R.Tolkein Software Series" including The Hobbit; "Rhiannon Software Adventure Stories for Girls" including Jenny of the Prairie (as seen on Good Morning America); "The Apple Technical Library" including Inside Macintosh;the "Adobe PostScript Series"; "Lotus Books" and many more.



Guest Lecturer, "Interactive Design", Graduate School of Education, University of Massachusetts, Boston (1996)

Guest Presenter, "Seeing the Unseen", Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Colloquium, MIT and live broadcast to Lincoln Laboratories (1995)

Guest Lecturer, "Designing and Producing Multimedia", Freshman Multimedia Design Seminar, MIT (1994, 1995)

Faculty Lecture, "Multimedia Tools and Platforms", Smith College, North Hampton, MA (1995)

Presentation, "Local and Distributed Multimedia Applications in Museum Settings", Museum Computer Network, New England Chapter Meeting, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1994)



Bolduc, L., "Mastering Difficult Concepts Using Software to Support Learning:  A Case Study in Teaching Mandarin Chinese", Journal of Science Education and Technology, Plenum Publishing, (Vol. 6, No. 2, June 1997)

Bolduc, L., and Davis, B., "Technical Market Research Analysis: [Non-Disclosed Product]", Siemens-Nixdorf Corporation, (1994)

Bolduc, L.,, "AthenaMuse 2.0: Editors for the Authoring Environment", CECI, MIT, 1993

Ali-Ahmad, W., Bolduc, L., and Webster, M., "An Evaluation of Low-Cost Multimedia Authoring Environments", CECI, MIT, 1992-1993.

Harward, J., Bailey, P., Bolduc, L.,, "AthenaMuse 2 Design Specification", CECI, MIT, 1991-1993.

Harward, J., Bolduc, L.,, "AthenaMuse 2 Functional Specification", CECI, MIT, 1991.



Ed.M., Harvard University Graduate School of Education,
Concentration: Interactive Technology in Education, Harvard University,1991

B.S., Business Administration, Whittemore School of Business and Economics,
University of New Hampshire, 1981


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