Permissions and Conditions for Reuse and Reprinting of this Data

Permission is granted to reproduce, quote or otherwise present the research presented here if the work is conspicuosly attributed to "Matthew Gray". If you wish to include more attribution detail, feel free. Further information follows. Scenarios are outlined below for cases where reproduction is permitted or prohibited as a clarification to this paragraph.

About Matthew Gray

Matthew Gray is a physics student and researcher at the Massachuessets Institute of Technology. Formerly Matthew was Chief Technologist of net.Genesis Corporation and is one of the founders. Matthew is also one of the authors of the book "Build a Web Site" published by Prima Publishing.


The following situations are all included in the above conditions

What exactly can I use?

You can use the following: Note, even in the last two cases, attribution is required.

What does "conspicuous" mean?

It means I shouldn't have to get out a magnifying glass to find the attribution. Nor should I have to look on other pages or locations for the attribution excepting the cases of footnotes/endnotes.
[Growth Report] by Matthew Gray,