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Web Growth ReportHistorical growth of the web from its early days (1993) to 1997.
Photos by James GrayMy father does freelance photography. Here is some of his work.
Browser CountCount of recent browser traffic on
AutopilotAn amusing use of netscape client pull to forward you around to random web sites.
MadlibsI wrote this a long time ago, when forms first came out on the web. I didn't write all the madlibs myself.
MIT Events CalendarJit and I wrote the software behind this. Improvements to come, eventually, hopefully.
Matthew and Jake's AdventuresOne of the earliest pieces of interactive web fiction. Humor.
How to Tell If Your Head's About To Blow UpAn article from the Weekly World News (an American fringe tabloid) that I put up a few years ago that has experienced a bizarre popularity. (It's not true, in case there was any doubt)
Retired HomepagesMy most recent homepages are available: old, older, and oldest.
Retired DocumentsThe Comprehensive List of Sites and Wandex have been semi-permanently retired.
JavaMy java code has a page of its own. This page is currently terribly out of date, but with luck I will update it soon
Linux software for the Agfa ePhoto307Linux drivers for a digital camera
Emacs HTML modeA simple hilit mode for HTML
ZionA cool replacement for zwgc on Athena (probably irrelevant if you're not at MIT)
OtherSome other software I have written (especially CGI scripts) appear under the Documents/Services section.
About me
I am currently an engineer at Virtual Ink in Boston. In June, 1999 I received my Masters degree from the MIT Media Lab. I graduated from MIT (undergraduate) in June, 1997, in physics.

About me: Background
In 1994 I left MIT to start a company, net.Genesis. They do server side software tools for web developers. I have since returned to MIT to finish my degree.

While at MIT, I was one of the three members of the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB) who set up in the spring of 1993. I am also a (currently inactive) member of the Apache group, a volunteer group of developers of Apache, the world's most popular web server.

My PGP key, is available and is on the public key server and has a few signatures, so you should have a trust path, if you're concerned about that kind of thing.

About me: Professional Interests
My research on web growth has indefinitely halted. The comprehensive list is indefinitely unavailable. Also, see the most recent report on the growth of the web.

I have also recently taken to messing around with Java a lot. I have a Java Page which has some of the various Java stuff I've done. See the Java Home Page for more info.

I work at the MIT Media Lab, in the Personal Information Architecture Group and the Physics and Media group. We do some of the coolest, strangest stuff of any research lab I've ever known. I am currently working on a project in high-dimensional inference, and previously worked on a project called PAN, which deals with intrabody signaling through low intensity electrostatic fields.

Overall, my research focuses on high dimensional modeling to solve machine inference problems. That is, if you have a lot sensors, none of which measures exactly what you want, how do you intelligently combine the data to make useful conclusions. I'm using a number of techniques related to high-dimensional inference including lots of nice buzzword sounding math like "neural nets", "markov processes", "cluster weighted modeling" and others.

I wrote a book. Build a Web Site. It came out in 1995, so it's a bit out of date now, but much less so than you would guess. It is meant to be a very good web technical manual. The publishers chose the title. You can buy it at

About me: Personal Interests
Dancing, Physics, Reading, Computers, Games, etc.
Swing Dancing and Ballroom Dance in general
I'm actually getting around to doing some of this on occasion. I'm having fun. The Total Swing site was set up by a couple of friends. It's pretty cool. I also dance at the MIT Ballroom Dance Club.
This was my undergraduate major, but since I don't do it as my primary research anymore, this is more of a 'personal interest'. My research interests have included particle physics (particularly flavor changing color currents in K+ decays), and astrophysics (particularly gravitational lenses, Koronis group asteroids, and image analysis)
Reading (fiction, mostly)
I used to read a lot. Then I stopped. Then I realized how much I missed reading and have started again. I typically read about a book a week. Mostly science fiction, because it is easy to get a hold of at MIT. The author I most recommend is Timothy Zahn. A lot of his books are out of print, but you can get his Conqueror's series and his Star Wars series. I'm not usually fond of books based on movies and the like, but I make an exception for Timothy Zahn. I'd also recommend almost anything by Niven. Specifically: Lucifer's Hammer, The Integral Trees, The Mote in God's Eye, and of course Ringworld.
I write a lot of code, especially in perl and java. A lot (hundreds that I've saved). I consider myself a very proficient perl and java programmer, but don't hold it against me.
I like games. Mostly board games, ranging from miscellaneous well done kids games, up to complex games such as RoboRally and Settlers of Catan.
Other interests include music (Beatles, TMBG, Erasure, Billy Joel, Moxy Fruvous, Bulgarian State Vocal Choir, ballroom dance music, others...), french, um... other stuff too. :-)

I don't mind getting random personal email, so feel free to send me mail. Or if you're in the Boston area, call me :-). Meeting people in real life is generally much more interesting than over the net.

If you like ska, or even if you don't, check out my brother's band, Metro Stylee.

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