Leandro Ariel Burnes

Japanese version also available

Hey, how is it going! My name is Leandro Burnes, and I am a Business Management and Japanese major at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


I was born in New York, but I lived in Rosario, Argentina until the age of eleven.

I travelled to Japan for amusement and work. I worked at Reuters, (in Tokyo), The Kumamoto Institute for Computer Software, Inc. (Kumamoto Prefecture), and The Advanced Telecommunications Research Laboratories.

One summer I went to Kenya to assist in data entry for an excavation. It was a wonderful experience.

Recently I had the chance to go to Australia . What a great place to go.


When I was younger I used to play many sports, I still do, but now I love volley ball. I play for the M.I.T. varstity Volleyball team, and I also sometimes practice with the M.I.T. Intercollegiate Volleyball Club

Wild Stuff!!

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