Nina Davis-Millis

Head, Systems and Technology Services
MIT Libraries, Room E25-131
77 Mass. Ave., Cambridge MA 02139

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I am the head of the MIT Libraries' department of Systems and Technology Services. My responsibilities include:

  • managing and coordinating the Libraries' technology-based services
  • supervising the Libraries' Systems and Technology Services Department
  • leading the process for approving computer-related capital equipment purchases for the Libraries
  • overseeing the Libraries' technology-related projects, particularly priority-setting within Library Council
  • establishing procedures, policies, and priorities for the Libraries' use of technology, in collaboration with various committees and senior management of the Libraries

I am also the housemaster at MIT's Random Hall.

Current Activities


Random Hall

  • Random is the home of Physical Plant, and the proud winners of the 2005 IAP Mystery Hunt
  • When Random Hall's residents wanted to rename one of our floors, someone actually paid for the honor.
  • Random Hall is the home of up to four legal cats as reported in The New York Times on November 12, 2000.
  • Our laundry facilities have gained international fame.
  • And then there's the milk, winner of the coveted award for Ugliest Manifestation on Campus (UMOC) in 1995, 1998, and 2000, and 2003.

Selected Writings


Useful Links

  • Checking out Viruses and Hoaxes will save you from panic and embarrassment. Please check these before you forward any scary emails to everyone you know.
  • The Virtual Reference Collection - one of the most useful pages I know. Now you, too, can look it up.

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