Raymond Pestalozzi

Itudiant Iternel





                                                                                                  Risapere Lugano  


                                                                Or!Come and see the place where I was born!






Commander-in-chief, next month,
I beg you to accept my resignation
If you feel it's critical, find a substitute.
Whichever the cause! Languor, specific troubles.
Should have divulged it to someone,
Except I no longer grasp what or to whom.
Knowing I have given somewhat, too:
A notion of discretion, a souvenir or an embrace.
I've postponed it from one day to the next. Pardon me.
I'll make sure in the terse period that remained.
I have, I worry, ignored worthy patrons.
I must have paid a visit
Far-off cities, isles, forsaken terra firma;
You'll have to eliminate them from the plan
Or delegate them to my legatee's custody.
I should have propagated
Roses and I haven't prepared them,
Assembled myself a kindred dynasty,
Plausibly not bravura but compliant to a enterprise.
More than ever, cherished chief, I had in mind
A luminous manuscript that would have
Exposed unspeakable secrets,
Assuaged grief and terror,
Dispersed suspicions, given to many.
The benefit of weeps and pleasures.
You'll find the summary in my notebook,
Finally, with the business in progress.
I haven't had time to stay with it, regretfully.
It would have been a central drudgery.


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