Rei's Random Birdie Info

The left bird (Torque) was a male normal grey cockatiel; the well-feathered glutton on the right (Tcsh "teesh") is a pied cockatiel. The middle bird (Cheep-Cheep) is a pied Dutch-blue peach-faced lovebird. They could never sit together like this in Real Life. Based on original sketch from '94.

If your bird is sick or injured please take it to an AVIAN VET; don't email me!!

Birdie Information at this Site:


  • International Aviculturists Society

  • HotSpot for Birds

  • New link Fall 2002 Stop PDD - new up-to-date site with well organized information.

  • Bird Rescue

  • Great article on featherplucking.

  • Smoking and your pet bird. If you smoke, read this!

  • Errr, not about birds, but hey: potty training pet rats...

    News Stories

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  • The Parrot In The Bathroom Our dog-loving columnist finds the bird life surreal indeed. And you thought your cat was strange 1/28/05 and My Parrot Screams Like A Girl: This is your pet. This is your pet yelping and burping and chatting on the phone. All true 3/31/06

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