Boston Area Manga/Anime Stores

(Last updated 1/2004)

Sasuga Bookstore

4/04 **SASUGA IS CLOSING its Cambridge Store, and going mostly Online Only ** See their website for details **

7 Upland Road
Cambridge, MA 02140
Tel: (617) 497-5460
Fax: (617) 497-5362

(Right near the Porter Square T Stop)

Sasuga carries mostly Japanese books of all sorts, including lots of manga. They also have Japanese culture books (English), children's books in both languages, and heavy-duty Japanese dictionaries. Now there are some videos of various formats (all untranslated, I think, and NO rental) and music CDs, as well as a nice selection of weekly manga magazines, standard magazines, and newspapers. There is a used manga and book section in the basement. There is a subscription service to weekly manga magazines -- I'm not sure if they ship. (Kinda funny story: some years ago, a FedEx plane crashed and the two pilots walked away mostly unharmed -- but the piles of manga inside didn't make it. Yep, there was a huge Sasuga order in there, including my subs!....)

The Tokyo Kid (Formerly Man From Atlantis)

Harvard Square
36 JFK St. (The Garage)
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: (617) 661-9277

(Right near the Harvard Square T Stop)

The store is mostly devoted to anime paraphernalia! Posters, plastic models, anime music CDs, anime DVDs and video cassettes, some anime toys, and a very limited manga selection.

Chibi Toys

Harvard Square
36 JFK St. (The Garage)
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: (617) 661-0278

Affiliated with The Tokyo Kid, above. Plastic models, DVDs(?), and the like, all right across the hall from The Tokyo Kid. Underneath it is some kind of console game exchange shop, too. "Chibi" means something like "little one" or "little kid" (or "shrimp," as in a small person).

Kotobukiya, Inc.

1815 Massachusetts Ave.
The Porter Exchange Building
Cambridge, MA 02140
Tel: (617) 354-6914

(Right near the Porter Square T Stop)

Kotobukiya is a grocery store that (I think) carries a reasonable selection of manga weekly magazines (they no longer carry tankoubon/compilations). Last I heard, Kotobukiya gets their weekly manga by ship, so they're a couple weeks behind Sasuga (great when you've missed an issue at Sasuga). They also have video rental (and Japanese junk food, AND onigiri rice balls!).


It's not really anime related, but I'll mention Tokai at the instigation of a reader who suggested it. It's in the same building as Kotobukiya (above), and they have all sorts of Japanese decorations ranging from Sanrio stuff to tiny charms to small pieces of furniture. Plus some clothing I think too.


36 Prospect Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 491-8221-2

(Right near the Central Square T Stop)

This is a large Japanese grocery store; they have weekly manga compilations and videos to rent. Also, edible things like okonomiyaki mixes, shumai, soy sauce, tea pots; you know, the works. And junk food. Too much junk food ;)

The Outer Limits

463 Moody St.
Waltham, MA, 021453
Ph: (781) 891-0444

Near a commuter rail stop

I just recently got email about this place (thanks!). Apparently, Outer Limit is mostly a "silver" and "golden age" comics store; it has a "little corner section of anime videos, manga, magazines" and some figures and Gundam kits, and are starting to collect DVDs, CDs and the like. They are willing to buy items, especially DVDs and figures.

Million Year Picnic

99 Mount Auburn St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 492-6763

Harvard Square (Harvard Square T).

It's a traditional comic book store, but like most comic places these days, it has a selection of translated Japanese comics too. Their web site says they do mailorder.


464 Comm. Ave
Kenmore Square
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 266-4266

Another email informed me about this place ... and it's actually in Boston, not Cambridge. Apparently contains lots of manga and anime related goods and manga compilations.

New England Comics

From an email: New England Comics ( has quite a few locations in the Boston area and carries a decent selection of manga. Some of the stores also carry figurines."

Newbury Comics

From an email: "Both the Newbury Comics on Newbury and the one in the Garage in Harvard Square carry a large selection of manga as well as some figurines."

The Virgin Megastore

From an email: "The Virgin Megastore on Newbury Street (right outside the Hynes Convention Center T-Stop) carries a large selection of manga on the top floor. You can often get lucky and find some of it on sale too."

Harrison's Comics & Collectibles

252 Essex Street
Salem, MA 01970
Ph: (978) 741-0786

OK, it's not quite near Boston, but it's not a bad commute; about 30-40 minutes away during non-rush hour times. It's a large store with a big selection of Western and Japanese comics, plus videos, DVDs, some CDs, T-shirts, and plastic figures/models.

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