Spirituality Learned the Hard Way

Disclaimer: The below represents my opinion, which may or may not have any resemblence to reality. Read at your own risk.

Thoughts on Spirituality and the Psychic

My goal is not to encourage the use (and possibly abuse) of psychic powers, but to help people realize that caring and moving toward God may be the most important keys to spirituality! Why then write about dangerous stuff? Because what you don't know can hurt you.

* Self-help during a psychic attack.
This was one of the main reasons I put up these pages. (Also includes: What is a psychic attack? How do I know if it's happening to me? By the way, if you are being attacked by a living, breathing human being, I am NOT able to help you directly, but some of these techniques may still help.)

* What about "deliverance"?
Hmm, what ABOUT deliverance? New 2014.

   Also check out these great articles for more help:

* Allergic to Spirituality and/or Christianity? Sick and tired of being bashed over the head with dogma?
Join the club --- but don't completely reject all of it, either!

* Into "channeling"? Want to establish 2-way prayer with God, despite the risks?
Here are a set of notes and tips meant to go along with Ben's Prayer as a Form of 2-Way Communication document.

* Notes on "darkness," "evil," and the realms less than Most High. Do all paths lead to God?
I've spent a lot of time in the lower realms....

* Time to Think and Act
Some of these were written as a result of the terrorist actions of Sept. 11, 2001, but I believe what I have said is universal and applicable at all times. Is it time to think? To ponder? To change? To Act? I say: yes.

* "I don't believe in all this spirit crap to begin with. Why do you?" "Why are you so paranoid?" "What are your experiences?"
Some of my experiences written as they happened.

* Be wary ... but there's hope.
Sometimes it's hard to believe there's a "Good" side to the universe.

* Some study of the Christian Bible....
It seems to say some surprising things....

* Other Stuff
Related material I maintain.

Other Resources

* Ben Swett's excellent Spirituality site
Highly recommended; more than 45 years of remarkable experience in these pages. Ben is one of the few people in the spiritual/psychic field whom I mostly trust (as opposed to distrust immensely). He always seeks to find that which is "Kinder, wiser, and more gracious" --- qualities sadly lacking with many so-called sources of guidance. His writings reflect not only joy, discipline, caring, and hope, but also good writing and a keen, logical intellect.
* Resources Offline (Suggested Books)
Not a lot, but some suggestions, and a few recent (4/2004) additions.
* Resources (sites) on Spirituality and Discernment
Online spirituality resources, including some representative sites of different and yet related philosophies. Plus: All that glitters is not gold! Not all "angels" are angels; not all spirit guides are there for your benefit. What is really important?
* Free online book! Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words
Although the usual caveats apply, and I disagree with her in several key places, here is someone who lived as she taught - simply, elegantly, without pay, without money, with only God as her guide. Japanese translation of one of her short works.
* The Native Alaskan prophet Maniilaq (Maniixaq) - in his people's own words
This prophet accurately foresaw the arrival of Caucasian Westerners and modern technology to Alaska, promoted gender equality, faced down religious oppressors, and most of all, lived and preached love of God. He also had a prophecy about our near future....
* Testimony against eternal "punishment" ... What does "eternity" (aion and aionios) really mean? ... and more and what's wrong with a judgmental God anyway?. Ode to Joy. And lastly, What is the real "Word of God"?
"`He shall see the travail of His soul and be satisfied.' ....If I were Christ, nothing could satisfy me but that every human being should in the end be saved... every knee shall bow... every tongue shall confess...." -Hannah Whitall Smith
* Spiritual Up-Links ... upward lifting links. Might be useful for spiritual elevation.

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