Fat-Tire Rollerskates for Kite-Powered Beach Riding

WARNING!! These things are a lot of fun and I've never been hurt on them. I'm sure it's possible to get badly hurt though, so be careful. And when you get injured don't blame me!!

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skates sideview
1 pair of ski boots
1.5"x1/8" aluminum angle
1/8" thick aluminum plate
10" pneumatic tires and tubes from Harborfreight.com
Wheels made from oversized plastic skateboard wheels with aluminum plates bolted to the sides
ABEC 5 bearings, bearing spacers, hardened flat washers
3/16" axle bolts with "nylock" nuts
Copper nails to use as rivets
Turned aluminum spacers between wheels and frame
misc. fasteners

I believe there is enough information here so an experienced hobbyist can make a pair that works well. If I'm wrong about that, please let me know.

skates bottomview
Bottom view of skate showing 1/8" aluminum plate that connects the two pieces of angle stock.
Wingnuts tighten u-bolts over toe and heel of the boot.
I made the u-bolts by bending steel rod to the right shape, then threaded the ends with a 10-24 die.
Copper nails are used as rivets along one side.
The other side is bolted so the unit can be disassembled.

toe detail
Detail showing aluminum spacer between frame and wheel.

The frame is sized to fit the boots and wheels. Your dimensions will be different unless Garbage Santa gives you exactly this stuff. Look at the doomwheels site to see how other people build theirs.

Cut off any bolt heads as close as possible. A protruding bolt killed Lilienthal. Round all the corners or it will snag on you and your gear.

beach close beach beach farpix by ewilhelm
It's smoother, faster, and easier than a mountain board, at least for me on this beach and day. Notice the armored hockey shorts aka "butt helmet". Life jacket in case I'm dragged into the water. Helmet, kneepads, gloves, etc. Falling hurts a lot. Get low so you don't fall as far. Control your speed by sideslipping, snowplowing, flying the kite so it drags you where you want to go. Turn with step-turns or side-slipping.

WEAR A HELMET. Human bodies are very fragile. Big kites are dangerous in many ways that aren't aren't obvious. Search for and read the "kitesurfing accident database" and be careful.

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