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June 2 2000:

I finally got a domain all my own,    You probably want to go there.

Now it's worthwhile to set up my own strand on the web. In years past, I spent so much time building up organizations such as the MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression, or the Censorware Project, that I never did anything for myself. In retrospect, I think that was a mistake.

The reason I finally got that site, well, probably only those who have been on the Internet for a decade will get this. But one way I knew it had changed is that people used to say to me:

You have an MIT address! Wow, you must be part of the net elite.

After the Internet had changed, they would say roughly:

You have an MIT address! Wow, you must be an inconsequential student. Can't you even afford an AOL account?

Quick facts:

I'm not a student. I'm an MIT alumnus ('85) and sometimes contractor.
I'm 37, single, never been married, no kids.
I program computers for a living, though I never took a computer class in my life.

Other vital material:

July 19, 2001: I'm profiled in the New York Times! : Cracking the Code Of Online Censorship

March 5, 2001: EFF names me a 2001 Pioneer Award Winner!

Ennis, Finkelstein, and Perrin Presented Awards at EFF's Tenth Annual Pioneer Awards Ceremony
Seth Finkelstein - Anti-censorship activist and programmer Seth Finkelstein spent hundreds of unpaid and uncredited hours over several years to decrypt and expose to public scrutiny the secret contents of the most popular censorware blacklists. Seth has been active in raising the level of public awareness about the dangers that Internet content blocking software and rating/labeling schemes pose to freedom of communication. His work has armed many with information of great assistance in the fight against government mandated use of these systems.

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