US Entry Passport Stamps

One of my goals is to collect as many official US entry stamps as possible in my passport, from land crossing and also airports.
I think my collection is the largest set of these stamps out there. If anyone has or sees a larger one, please let me know!
I also collect National Park Passport Stamps and I am a member of the National Park Travelers Club.
Port of Entry Type Three Character Code Date of Confirmation Stamp Image
Alburgh, Vermont Land ABG Sep 3, 2012
Alburgh Springs, Vermont Land ABS May 30, 2016
Alexandria Bay, New York Land AXB Jul 4, 2010
Atlanta, Georgia Airport ATL Sep 9, 2016
Baudette, Minnesota Land BAU Jul 23, 2012
Blaine, Washington Land BLA Jul 13, 2014
Boston, Massachusetts Airport BOS Jun 10, 2013
Buffalo, New York Land BUF Mar 9, 2014
Calais, Maine Land CLS Oct 3, 2010
Calgary, Canada Airport Preclearance CLG Aug 9, 2015
Champlain, New York Land CHM Dec 23, 2012
Chicago, Illinois Airport CHI Jun 18, 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio Airport CIN Feb 25, 2018
Dallas, Texas Airport DAL Jun 5, 2011
Del Bonita, Montana Land DLB Jul 11, 2017
Derby Line, Vermont Land DER Dec 3, 2014
Detroit, Michigan Airport DMA Apr 21, 2015
Dublin, Ireland Airport Preclearance DBL Sep 29, 2018
Dunseith, North Dakota Land DNS Jun 16, 2007
Guam Airport AGA Aug 16, 2014
Halifax, Canada Airport Preclearance HFX Aug 27, 2018
Hamilton, Bermuda Airport Preclearance HAM Nov 25, 2014
Indianapolis, Indiana Airport INP Jun 21, 2019
International Falls, Minnesota Land INT Jul 22, 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada Airport LVG Feb 21, 2015
Los Angeles, California Airport LAX Jan 12, 2014
Lubec, Maine Land LUB Oct 2, 2010
Lynden, Washington Land LYN Jul 15, 2014
Miami, Florida Airport MIA Feb 12, 2016
Minneapolis, Minnesota Airport SPM Jan 05, 2018
Montreal, Canada Airport Preclearance MON Dec 30, 2006
Morses Line, Vermont Land MOR Apr 30, 2015
Nassau, Bahamas Airport Preclearance NAS Sep 2, 2011
New York, New York Airport NYC Jun 15, 2016
Newark, New Jersey Airport NEW Oct 28, 2011
Norton, Vermont Land NRN Oct 8, 2018
Ottawa, Canada Airport Preclearance OTT Apr 5, 2019
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Airport PHI Feb 7, 2014
Point Roberts, Washington Land PTR Jul 15, 2014
Portland, Oregon Airport POO Jun 23, 2017
Progreso, Texas Land PGR Mar 21, 2010
Raleigh, North Carolina Airport RDU Mar 22, 2019
Roseau, Minnesota Land ROS Jul 24, 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah Airport SLC Jun 22, 2018
San Francisco, California Airport SFR Mar 9, 2018
San Juan, Puerto Rico Airport SAJ Oct 8, 2012
Seattle, Washington Airport SEA Mar 10, 2017
Shannon, Ireland Airport Preclearance SNN Sep 6, 2010
Sumas, Washington Land SUM Jul 16, 2014
Toronto, Canada Airport Preclearance TOR Jul 12, 2010
Vanceboro, Maine Land VCB Sep 23, 2017
Victoria, Canada Seaport Preclearance VIC Aug 7, 2015
Walhalla, North Dakota Land WAL Jun 28, 2015
Washington, DC Airport WAS Jun 15, 2015
Winnipeg, Canada Airport Preclearance WIN Jun 30, 2015

Ports of entry I've used with no official stamp recieved, but some other stamp instead:
Port of Entry Type Date of Confirmation Stamp Image
Amistad Dam, Texas Land Mar 23, 2010
Hansboro, North Dakota Land Jun 28, 2015
Whitlash, Montana Land Jul 12, 2017

Ports of entry I've used with no stamp recieved, even after asking:
Laurier, Washington
San Ysidro, California
El Paso, Texas
Detroit Tunnel, Michigan
Falcon Dam, Texas
Heart Island, New York
West Berkshire, Vermont
Aruba Airport, Aruba (Preclearance)

Ports of entry I've used with no stamp recieved, before I began asking:
Naco, Arizona
Nogales, Arizona
Chief Mountain, Montana
Grand Portage, Minnesota
Haines, Alaska
Skagway, Alaska

Ports of entry I've used with no stamp available:
Northwest Angle, Minnesota