. Tom Burbine's Homepage

Tom Burbine's Homepage

I'm Tom. I go to MIT. I'm in the department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. I live at Ashdown House. Friends with homepages include Kathy Liu, Pat Walton and Jesse Hong.

Here are Ant's and Vince's homepages. Two of the nicest people I have met at MIT.

Our family has a forest and an asteroid (5159 Burbine) named after us.

I collect comics, especially ones about Superman and the Justice Society of America. My favorite TV shows are the EastEnders and Seinfeld. My favorite radio program is the Howard Stern Show.

My research involves analyzing data from the Small Main-Belt Asteroid Survey (SMASS).

If you want to hire me, here is my resume.

Don't push here.

People who have gotten lost and looked at my web page since 11/12/96: