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About ME!!!

my picture I'm a graduate student at MIT majoring in Computer Science. I'm a member of SIPB which is MIT's student computer group. We're responsible for many services related to the student body, including support of esoteric software, as well as wide-ranging services (from UseNet to WWW). I am also a member of LSC, which is a student group that deals with showing approximately four movies a week for students at a very low price, and sometimes even for free.

You might wonder why I have such a weird name. Well, it's a Hebrew name (yes, it's biblical, but I don't consider myself religious). I'm Israeli, and I suppose that explains it enough (if it doesn't, go see a shrink). I have, however, lived in many other countries, so if you think I have a strange accent (not that you're going to hear it on this page), attribute it to living in Nigeria, England, Switzerland, and the U.S.

For those who want it: my pgp key

Stuff I work on

Well, I 'support' stuff for SIPB, like building silly programs in the sipb and outland lockers. I also try and help support other lockers on Athena, but that's an on-and-off thing. I love making all these reliable machines crash. I'm very good at crashing servers. I play around with writing silly stuff sometimes, but I won't reveal anything about that. I also work for DCNS and am a student consultant for CSS. If you want to see some stuff I've worked on, try my 6.170 project's homepage, or how about looking at my 6.915 project? I'm working on NetBSD-Athena which is a sipb project for getting Athena (our computing environment) working on NetBSD, a cool BSD4.4-lite based operating system. I also try to keep friends from my high school in contact with each other. I went to a high school in London, and being an American high school in the middle of London, its student body was from all around the world. Unfortunately, when we graduated, we all went to different corners of the world. So I did my best to at least find out people's e-mail so that we may continue communicating. This is how far I've gotten.

Links I often follow

Yes, this list should give you a hint as to the stuff I care for.

Free Speech Now So, you now know about me. If you're close enough, why not head down to the SIPB office and see what we're really like? We don't tend to bite (except for Cat), and we like having people visiting. We're usually friendly, and will do our best to answer any questions you might have.