COMPOSITIONS by Evan Ziporyn

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Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Four Impersonations for solo clarinet (1999): "Honshirabe," "Bindu Semara, "Thum Nyatiti," "Pengrangrang Gede"
Partial Truths for solo bass clarinet (1997)
Tsmindao Ghmerto for bass clarinet (1992)
Walk the Dog for bass clarinet and CD (1992)
What She Saw There for bass clarinet (or cello) and 2 marimbas (1988)
Waiting By The Phone for solo clarinet (1986)
Two Obsessions for solo clarinet (1980)


Amok! for Balinese gamelan, double bass, sampler
Tire Fire for Balinese gamelan, two electric guitars, electric bass, and keyboard
Aneh Tapi Nyata for chamber ensemble and Balinese percussion
Kekembangan for saxophone quartet and Balinese gamelan (in collaboration with I Nyoman Windha)
Night Bus for Sundanese gamelan


Pleasureville, Pain City

Wind Ensemble

Tsmindao Ghmerto for solo bass clarinet and wind ensemble
Houtmanís Men in Buleleng

Chamber Music

Standard Ensembles

Melody Competition for percussion sextet (1999)
Dreams of a Dominant Culture for flute, clarinet, percussion, electric piano, violin, cello (1997)
Eel Bone for string quartet (1996)
Kebyar Maya for cello octet
Be-In for string quintet
Bossa Nova for brass quintet (1991)
Dog Dream for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello, electric guitar
Ten String Quartets (1979); one performance at Yale University

Other Ensembles

Tight Fitting Garments for violin and clarinet: "It Is And It Isn't," "Illusions of Purity," "Jubilee of Indifference"
Serenity Now for wind nonet (1998)
Perques for violin, viola, electric guitar, bass clarinet, keyboard
Pay Phone for violin, viola, electric guitar, bass clarinet, keyboard
Esto House for violin, viola, electric guitar, bass clarinet, keyboard
Be-In for violin, guitar, harpsichord, mandolin, bass clarinet
Tree Frog for bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, trombone, percussion, keyboard, violin
Twine, three movements for soprano, two saxophones, bass clarinet, violin, viola, percussion
Luv Time, three movements for bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, trombone, percussion, piano

Piano Solo

Fragrant Forest (1999)
Fractal-Head (1987)
Some Coal, ten movements (1985)
The Water's Fine (1983)
Weltscenen (1981)

Solo Pieces for Other Instruments

Current Rate for pipa and CD
Kebyar Maya for solo cello and CD
Studies in Normative Behaviour, Vol 1 for solo percussionist
The Motions for solo viola (or viola and CD)
China Spring for oboe and piano (1991)

Arrangements (for Bang On A Can All-stars)

Kurt Cobain: "Lithium"
Brian Eno: "Music for Airports 2/2"
Brian Eno: "Burning Airlines Gives You So Much More"
Brian Eno: "Everything Merges Into Night"
Hermeto Pascoal: "Arapua"
Hermeto Pascoal: "Ilha das Gavotas"
Hermeto Pascoal: "Quiabo"
Robert Schumann: "Canon"


Jazz Piano

Thelonious Monk - various
Lennie Tristano
Hampton Hawes
Keith Jarrett

Saxophone and Clarinet

Sonny Rollins
Steve Lacy
John Coltrane
Buddy DeFranco

Balinese gamelan

Gender Wayang
complete repertoire from Sukawati Village and Kayu Mas

Gong Kebyar
various works