The weather server at the University of Michigan (which we have been using since October 1995) has been discontinued. This weather gateway is back online but may be terminated with little notice. Consider yourself warned.

For those that wish to prepare for the inevitable, we have put together a list of alternate weather servers.

How to search for weather reports

You can search for local weather reports in several ways. The most efficient way is to enter your city's 3-character code if you already know it; check the list of city codes if you do not know it.

You may also try searching by entering the name of your city. The gateway will return a list of possible matching city names for your selection. You may also request all the reports for a given state. As an example, to get a list of all reporting cities in Massachusetts, enter ", MA". Note that this includes a comma, a space, and a postal abbreviation; entering just "MA" will return any city whose name contains the letters "ma", including Bismarck, ND.

To summarize with some example searches:

Weather report for Boston, MA (BOS).
List of all reporting cities named Boston.
, MA
List of all reporting cities in the state MA.


If you have trouble using this gateway or other services, please see our FAQ, which includes answers to questions such as "Why isn't my town on your weather map?" or "Why is my weather report blank?" If you still have trouble or if you find any bugs that appear to be specific to our gateway, please send us mail with a complete detailed description of your problem.

Please note that all our information originates from the National Weather Service. As such, we are limited to delivering whatever information the NWS provides. We do not have reports for cities outside the United States nor do we keep an archive of old weather reports; don't bother asking.

Boston area forecast