move-newsrc -- transfer newsrc files between NNTP servers

The "move-newsrc" package is a set of Perl scripts for converting the information in a newsrc file from one NNTP server to another. One script in the package talks to the old NNTP server to convert the article numbers in the newsrc file into Message IDs. the other script talks to the new NNTP server to convert the message IDs into article numbers that are correct on the new server.

You can download the package here. It was also posted in Volume 47 of comp.sources.misc, but the version there is out of date.

I wrote this package quite a while ago, and I haven't done much with it in a long time (there isn't much to do -- it's done and it works and it performs a very simple task, so there's really nothing to add to it). However, I'll gladly accept bug reports, suggestions, and other feedback about the package, and do my best to respond to them quickly.

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