j⏣nathan melville

My name's Jonathan.

(But everyone calls me Jo.)

I'm a PhD candidate in chemistry at MIT.

I work for the Surendranath Group, specializing in electrocatalysis in exotic media.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2016.

While there, I worked with the Long Group on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

I'm also a Graduate Resident Tutor (GRT) at East Campus.

east parallel beast parallel

I'm involved in student politics and activism.

I'm particularly passionate about educational, social, and environmental justice.

In my free time, I write music and make websites like this one.

I do pro bono work for research groups and new assistant professors.

Long Group

UC Berkeley

I worked for Jeff Long for a while. His website was bad, so I made a better one. With a text adventure.

Center for Gas Separations

Department of Energy

Parallax scrolling is visually noisy, but it sure is pretty.

Schreier Group

UW Madison (work in progress)

i guess this is like my part-time job now huh

Surendranath Group


I currently work for Yogi Surendranath. His website was bad, so I made a better one. With Tetris.

Dincă Group

MIT (work in progress)

I went drinking with Mircea Dincă a couple times. His website was bad, so I made a better one and never finished it.

Pai Group

University of Massachusetts Medical School

I made this website for Athma Pai, then immediately stole all the formatting and structure to use for this site.

I write music.

Check out my SoundCloud.