About PERMIAS-MA Seminar Series

Two things:  to help foster an effective scholarly interaction among Indonesian students & scholars in the Greater Boston Area, and to cultivate a highly interdisciplinary mindset within the Indonesian intellectual community under PERMIAS Massachusetts in general.  These are some of the main mission objectives that PERMIAS Massachusetts wants to achieve through its Scholar and Strategic Division.

This seminar series serves as an opportunity for many of the Indonesian students, scholars, and others under PERMIAS Massachusetts to learn from one another's respective experience and expertise.  The seminars are held approximately once a month during the schoolyear, and they cover quite a broad range of academic, practical, and social disciplines. This seminar series is planned and conducted regularly in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Students at MIT (AIS-MIT) and the Indonesian Student Associations (ISA's) in other schools/universities.

If you would like to nominate your friends/colleagues (or volunteer yourself) to be a seminar speaker, you can do so by filling out this online form.

A Photographic Tour of the Seminar+Discussion Activities