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Welcome to this particular chunk of hard drive, traveler. Take a break. Have a rest. Instead of just throwing links at you, I'd like to tell you something about myself. I'll throw the links as I go along, never fear.

My name is Boris Zbarsky. I'm just graduated from MIT with SB degrees in physics and math. This means I have taken classes. For a while I lived at Random Hall—a cozy dorm that serves as home to 93 quite offbeat students, as well as the bathroom server and the laundry server. Then I took a year off from school and somehow never returned to dorm life.

As I mentioned, I enjoy math and physics. These pretty weird interests, together with a desire to participate as a test subject in a sleep deprivation/eugenics experiment once led me to spend a summer at RSI. Or at least I thought that RSI involved sleep deprivation. Then I became an MIT student. Now I know better.

You wonder what I do with my free time? What is this free time whereof you speak? It's all taken up with projects! Well, I suppose I do have some every so often... I enjoy canoeing and kayaking, though opportunities to do that in Boston have been scarce so far. I like to rollerblade. I read books. I go swing dancing. I love to watch movies. And I enjoy spending time with my friends very much.

Any links that did not fit in in an semi-organized manner into the narrative above can be found on the page of various links. This way, it's not me throwing them at you—you're choosing to look at them yourself.

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