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mhbuild: build a draft MIME message (nmh only)

file (required)
Draft file to process (- reads stdin, writes to stdout)
Print table of contents of message created
Don't print table of contents
-headers (default)
Print banner above listing
Don't print banner
-realsize (default)
List decoded part size
List encoded part size
Give more information during -list, list composition commands
-noverbose (default)
Give standard information
Encode punctuation needed to pass EBCDIC gateways more safely
-noebcdicsafe (default)
Don't encode for EBCDIC safety
Add message integrity check
-nocheck (default)
Don't add integrity check
-rfc934mode, more... (default)
When forwarding a message, simulate RFC 934 "bit stuffing"
Use standard MIME message forwarding

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