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The file you're reading now has links to smaller, separate reference files: one for each MH command. Each of those files has a complete list of options for that command and links you can click on to find related section(s) in the book.

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ali: list MH mail aliases
anno: annotate messages
burst: explode digests into messages
comp: compose a message
dist: redistribute a message to more addresses
flist: list folders that contain messages in a given sequence (nmh only)
folder: set/list current folder/message
folders: do folder -all
forw: forward messages
inc: incorporate new mail
mark: handle message sequences
mhbuild: build a draft MIME message (nmh only)
mhl: produce formatted listing of MH messages
mhlist: summarize MIME messages (nmh only)
mhmail: send or read mail
mhn: process MIME mail
mhparam: read context and profile files
mhpath: full pathnames of folder or messages
mhshow: display MIME messages (nmh only)
mhstore: extract MIME message parts (nmh only)
msgchk: check for messages
msh: MH shell
next: show the next message
packf: compress folder (MH version makes only MMDF format)
packmbox: compress folder into UUCP-format mailbox file (MH only)
pick: select messages by content
prev: show the previous message
prompter: prompting editor front-end
rcvdist: redistribute mail from standard input
rcvpack: store message from standard input to file
rcvstore: store message from standard input to folder
rcvtty: notify user about message from standard input
refile: file messages in other folders
repl: reply to a message
rmf: remove folder
rmm: remove messages
scan: produce a summary of each message
send: send a message
sendfiles: same as viamail (nmh only)
show: show (display) messages
slocal: process .maildelivery on non-MMDF systems
sortm: sort messages
viamail: send files in MIME format, with tar and compress
whatnow: prompting front-end
whom: report to whom a message would go

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