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mhn: process MIME mail (deprecated in nmh-1.0+)

+folder (default: current folder)
Folder name
msgs (default: current)
Message(s) to process
-file file
File to use (instead of message in a folder)
-build file (nmh only)
Convert draft file with directives into MIME draft, in-place (in MH and nmh, storing file pathname in the mhdraft environment variable does the same thing)
Summarize message parts
Cancel previous -list switch
-headers (default)
Print banner above listing
Don't print banner
-realsize (default)
List decoded part size
List encoded part size
-show (default)
Display message
Cancel previous -show switch
Never display more than one message part simultaneously
-noserialonly (default)
Possibly display multipart/parallel parts simultaneously
-form formfile
mhl format file for message headers (default: mhl.headers)
-pause (default)
Pause between message parts if display string contains %p
Don't pause between message parts
-nomoreproc (undocumented)
Don't use moreproc on message header
-store, more...
Store message parts
Cancel previous -store switch
Obey name= filename parameter in Content-type: header field
-noauto (default)
Ignore name= filename parameter
Store external body parts in a cache
-nocache (default)
Don't store external body parts
-rcache policy, more...
Policy for reading cache. Values: public, private, never, ask
-wcache policy, more...
Policy for writing cache. Values: public, private, never, ask
Add or test message integrity check
-nocheck (default)
Don't check message
-rfc934mode, more... (default)
When forwarding a message, simulate RFC 934 "bit stuffing"
Use standard MIME message forwarding
Give more information during -list
-noverbose (default)
Give standard information

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