Changing the Port Number for Remote Console Connections

By default, remote consoles connect to virtual machines over port 902. If this port assignment poses a conflict for your site, for example, if you use the ideafarm-chat program, you can change the port number the remote console uses accordingly.

Changing the port number involves manually adding a variable to certain preference files. The steps you need to take vary depending upon the server host operating system, the host on which the console is running and whether you are making this change to VMware ESX Server itself (by assigning the new port number to a variable called authd.port) or to the remote console (by assigning the new port number to a variable called authd.client.port).

The setting for authd.port is different from the setting for authd.client.port. The authd.port variable tells VMware ESX Server (the server side) what port to listen to for remote console connections. The authd.client.port variable tells the remote console (the client side) the port with which to connect. Thus, if you set only authd.port to a different port number, such as 9902, and you try to connect to a virtual machine on that host with a remote console, the console still tries to connect to port 902. Keep in mind that you can still substitute this new port number manually when you connect with a remote console. In the Connect to VMware Server dialog box, in the Server entry field, enter the port number along with the name of the VMware ESX Server host name and configuration file path, like this:
<server name> <port> <config file>

Depending upon your site’s needs or configuration (for instance, you have multiple VMware ESX Server hosts and they use different ports), this might be acceptable. However, for seamless integration between the server and the remote console, and to avoid manual entry of the port number every time a remote console connects, if you want to use a port other than 902, then you should set authd.client.port to the same port number you use for authd.port.

Changing the Port Number on a Windows Host

Changing the Port Number on a Linux Host

Substituting a Port Number with the VMware Scripting APIs

With the VMware Scripting APIs, you can supply a different port number when you create a new virtual machine object. This port number must match the port number on the VMware ESX Server host set to the authd.port variable in the config.ini file (Windows host) or vmware-authd file (Linux host).

If you specify 0 as the port number, the port number specified by authd.client.port is used instead. If authd.client.port is not specified, the default port 902 is used.

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