MIT Student Information Processing Board

SIPB (pronounced ``Sip-bee'') is the Student Information Processing Board, the volunteer student group concerned with computing at MIT. We administer several machines and an AFS cell, provide Usenet access to Athena, are available for telephone (253-7788) or in-person (W20-557) consulting at almost any time of day or night, have one-of-a-kind meetings Monday evenings at 7:30 pm, write documentation of all sorts, run a wide variety of servers, including a WWW server, hack, and generally have a good time. We also act as an advocate for student computer users and student computer access on campus.

Places to Learn More About SIPB

Where did the old SIPB homepage go?

From June 1993 to August 1999, SIPB maintained the top-level page of as an unofficial directory of MIT web resources. In August 1999, we replaced this top-level page with a copy of the official MIT homepage to avoid confusing Internet users who were expecting the official MIT homepage. The old top-level page can be found here.