नमस्ते, and welcome to
अगस्त्य रुचिर महता's homepage!

(If the Devanagari script above did not display correctly, or if you simply have no idea what it means, I hereby cordially welcome you to my [Agustya Ruchir Mehta's] homepage, and hope that you enjoy your visit.)



I, Agustya Mehta, am the ambiguously goofy, attractive man pictured below in both the tuxedo and the painting. (I did, in fact, paint the painting.)

A Picture of Gus in a Tuxedo next to a Painting of Himself, with a Digitally Inserted Bowtie on said Tuxedo.

I graduated from Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, Ohio in May of 2004, and recently finished my first year as an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (hence the "web/stuff/www/agustya.mit.edu" url).

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7/22/2005 Update:

My family got back from our Long and Adventurous Road Trip out West this week.  Hopefully I'll upload some of the photos from that here at some point.  I've added a link to my facebook profile in the links section, and am also happy to announce that the aforementioned baby name site seems to be gone.  :)


6/13/2005 Update:

I must admit that I have been a miserable failure of a webmaster.  And no, the purpose of the previous statement wasn't entirely to support the notorious and amusing Google hack.  Google, in fact, is precisely the service that brought my lazy updating habits crashing into my face.

It is with great displeasure and sorrow that I admit that, for the first time in this website's glorious thirteen-month history, it has been relegated merely to second place among the hits returned upon Googling "agustya".  Throughout my freshman year at MIT, a year filled with new perspective-shaking discoveries and mind-opening experiences, one rock of familiarity, one bastion of stability that I could count upon was that my website would be the first "agustya" hit, and that any random internet passerby "feeling lucky" with my name would be transported to this place. 

Alas! as of early this month, it has been shifted down, and to add insult to injury, it has been shifted down by a blasphemous online baby name "service" that provides malicious and false interpretations to some of the most wonderful names in existence (eg, mine).  If the numerological interpretation of my "obscure" name implies a profound willingness to do menial labor and a penchant for hard physical work whilst also foreboding a lack of inspiration, a depressing demeanor, and absence of creativity, I cannot think of a better example demonstrating that numerology is bunk.  I suppose superstitious parents don't deserve to have children named Agustya anyways.

Since it would most probably be useless for me to banter words upon a website that doesn't seem competent in their proper usage and grammatical construction, I have decided that there is only one logical course of action... update this website back into first place! 

Update Sometime in May, 2004:

I really have no more actual content for this. At this point, I am tempted to put one of those cheesy "Under Construction" signs, but that would require major <IMG> effort that I am not willing to expend, and would also clash with my color scheme, which is probably pending change. No guestbook, no annoying MIDI background music, and no promised updating, which hopefully translates to likely renovation of this site in the future.

Bitter that I am unable to use them with my hit counter, here are the Devanagari numerals... yes, the original 0, 1, 2, 3...

Shunyam (Shunya), Ekam (Ek), Dvyam (Do), Tvyam (Teen), Chaturtham (Char), Pancham (Panch), Shashastam (Chhah), Saptam (Saat), Astam (Aath), Navam (No)

And with that, my friends, नमस्ते and adieu!

(PS: Since I do not have a guestbook, please feel free to email [see above in fancy table menu with darkened background] me any comments, suggestions, criticisms, and hecklings that you might have.  I will be happy to read / laugh at them.)

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