Various and Sundry Links!

Here you will find a collection of sites that you may find of interest.  Actually, you'll find a collection of links that I found of interest, regardless of your opinion.  If you would like to see your site added here, and if the site is relevant and/or humorously irrelevant, feel free to email me.


  Abhijit Mehta's Page

Abhijit's [My-Older-Brother's-Who-Goes-To-Duke] Home Page

The Latest Excuse for Not Needing to Remember Names My Facebook Profile

MIT's Pretty Web Page of the Day

Call my Grand Central number

Amber's Blog

My girlfriend Amber's blog about life at MIT

... and her website, also dedicated mostly to information about MIT student life

Amber's Site
Connie's Site My friend Connie's website, which I have unfairly allowed to suffer from unrequited linkage for far too long.  My apologies!

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