Aaron and Yevgeniya's Wedding

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Hello, dear friend! As we prepare to celebrate this joyous day in our lives, we want to share some of the fun and happiness with you. While you consider joining us for the occasion, here is some information that may be of use to you.
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* Ceremony - layout and overview of the ceremony, as well as the location and time.
* Reception - once again time and location.
* For out-of-town guests - hotel and transportation information, as well as some fun things to do in the Washington, DC, area during the rest of the weekend.
* Directions - directions galore: how to get to the hotels (the ones we have contracts with) from all places imaginable (except West Virginia), then to the ceremony, to the reception and back, and to the airports again. (Check out these directions even if you are not staying in one of these hotels, as long as you can find route 270; otherwise try MapQuest.)
* Map - a map of the area including the ceremony and reception sites, and the hotels with which we have agreements.
* Gifts - gift registry information and other suggestions.
* Photos - random pictures of us; now includes photos from the wedding and honeymoon as well.

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