Evan Ziporyn

Some sound files of recent recordings...

Amok - from Gamelan Galak Tika's upcoming CD on New World Records

Partial Truths - solo bass clarinet

Honshirabe - from "Four Impersonations"

Pengrangrang Gede - from "Four Impersonations"

Thum Nyatiti - from "Four Impersonations"

Line-Up - transcribed from improvisations by Lennie Tristano

E. 32nd - transcribed from improvisations by Lennie Tristano

The Motions - John Lad, solo viola

(to red fish blue fish: click here for a short excerpt from the Balinese "mebarung" (melody competition)



Gamelan Galak Tika
for current repertoire and examples of traditional Balinese music

Bang On A Can

Hazardous Materials (aka Ethel) - string quartet - performing Eel Bone, Be-In, Jubilee of Indifference and works by John King, March 10, 4 pm, Killian Hall, MIT, Cambridge (for more info, go to MIT Music and Theater Arts)

Gamelan Sekar Jaya - for more information about Balinese music in America, or about "American Works for Balinese Gamelan Orchestra",

Animal Act  - works for clarinet and ensemble

Music for Airports - new arrangement of Brian Eno's ambient classic...


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