Helping you to make Transparent Images

This gateway allows you to enter the URL of a GIF image, and a colormap entry to be made transparent. When you submit this form, TransWeb will read the image you specified and return to you a transparentized version of the image.

If you have a web browser which supports clickable imagemaps (e.g. Mosaic, Arena), you may find the imagemap-based version of TransWeb easier to use.

**NOTE** It is highly likely that you will want to configure your browser to "load to disk" before you submit this form, if it is configured to spawn a separate image-viewing program when receiving images. (In Mosaic, you can do this by selecting "Load to Local Disk" from the "Options" menu.)

Image URL:


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Feel free to send mail to if you have any questions or problems.

The TransWeb service was written by Eric Mumpower (nocturne).