Helping you to make Transparent Images

If your web browser is incapable of handling imagemaps (e.g. lynx, emacs w3-mode, CERN linemode browser), then you will be unable to make use of the form on this page. However, there is hope. You can use the form-based version of TransWeb, which allows you to specify colors via HTML forms, rather than by clicking on an image.

This gateway allows you to specify the URL of a GIF image which you'd like to transparentize:

  1. When you submit this form, TransWeb will present you with an imagemap.
  2. After you submit the form on this page, you should configure your web browser to load the next retrieved URL to local disk. (In Mosaic, you can do this by selecting "Load to Local Disk" from the "Options" menu.)
  3. You should click on the spot on the imagemap you'd like to make transparent.
  4. TransWeb will return to you a transparentized version of the image you specified.

Image URL:

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Feel free to send mail to if you have any questions or problems.

The TransWeb service was written by Eric Mumpower (nocturne).