The MIT SIPB Stuffmasters

We used to be the MIT webmasters, back when we ran Then MIT Information Services and Technology took it over. Our new server is, which makes us stuffmasters rather than webmasters.

Well, we know you all are desperately interested in the ever-intriguing lives of those exciting few, the MIT SIPB Webmasters, so here's a page of info about us just to allow you to feel all that much closer to us and permit us to feel all that much more important. (no, we don't really look like that picture)

There are fifteen +/- 2 webmasters, and we are all students or graduates of MIT. With classes (and jobs), we're doing our best to keep up with mail to

We're all members of a volunteer group at MIT, the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB). Each of the webmasters deals with a slightly different part of the web maintenance, allowing us to spread the work out. Please feel free to send us feedback and commentary. By the way, here are some of our policies and Frequently Asked Questions. And here's a table of contents:

Who we are. The list right below.
Our non-webmasters. No comment.
Our history. It won't make the bestseller list.

Web Administrators

Alex Rolfe (
Alex answers lots of mail and occasionally updates our pages and scripts.


Matt (
A machine maintainer and long-time SIPB member.

Useless History

The story of our server.

Once upon a time ...

The original was first started in July(?) 1993; it may be among the first 100 WWW servers in the world. The original webmasters were:

As time went on, they began collecting moss, I mean more webmasters:

Here is a list of others who have been webmasters at one time or another:

Fred (
Fred maintained the MIT Activities and Academics pages. He also writes some perl code which helps maintain our documents, like a database and html generators for the Home Pages lists.
Jake (
Jake is back in town and working as a webmaster again. His current projects involve hacking out CGI scripts, answering user mail, and thinking of absurd projects to do on the web server.
Yonah (
Yonah is now working on getting the server to handle its load better.
Kevin "Bob" Fu
Kevin resurrected the weather script and handles some maintenance He is now one of the older (but not oldest!) webmasters. His current web interests are security and wireless HDML/WML. He's also married to another SIPB webmaster.
Teresa Lai
Teresa has been chipping away at our queue of requests for a several years. She's also married to another SIPB webmaster.
Matthew Gray (
Matthew has returned as a webmaster. He has upgraded the server to Apache and is working on various tweaks to server performance.
Richard J. Barbalace
Richard is currently blurbless.
Ann-Marie White (
Ann-Marie is a new webmaster who is also helping out with the home page addition requests. One day she'll update her own home page...maybe.
Sly (
Can you describe webmaster sly?
Would you say she does not wear a tie?
That would not describe webmaster sly.
Could you describe her with a quote?
I could not describe her with a quote.
I would not say she wears a coat.
I could not describe webmaster sly. --by mhpower
Of course others call her Devil in the Shape of a Woman
Sepherke (
This is sepherke the webmaster =D
This is sepherke when she is happy =)
This is sepherke when she is tooling too much %=[
This is sepherke when she is being silly =P
Sepherke is also known as a Double Headed Female GenderBender
She worked on a bunch of other web projects (Haystack, The Tech, EY Laboratories) before becoming a webmaster. Sepherke is brought to you by the letter C and the number 22.
Grant Emery (
grant is the lemur in your midst
he likes script hacking and this is most of what he does as a webmaster
Christa Ansbergs (
Also known as Xta, Cadillac Attack,,
Xta is learning new and wonderful things about webmastering every day. Xta loves cars, horror movies, cars, writing HTML, cars, rain, cars, ice hockey, cars, making chain-mail, cars, art (in many forms) and cars. Xta's car is named Ecco.
Rex Min (
Rex developed the initial HDML wireless script.
Eric (
Back before anyone had ever dreamed of putting a URL on a can of soup, Eric used to spend a lot of time keeping up with mail to webmaster, and writing extensions to our server, like the finger and machine information gateways. But he's been busy with other projects for quite a while now (life, and a real job), and thus mostly inactive as a SIPB Webmaster. He still follows the other webmasters around from time to time and corrects their typographical and grammatical errors.
Richard Basch (
did the wonderful service of improving the weather gateway and other such nasty jobs.
Eri (
Eri provided some of the pictures for the web server, helped answer questions, wrote some explanatory blurbs, wrote or helped write a couple server scripts, and so on. This was especially fun in the early days, before URLs were advertised on billboards.
Jeff (
Jeff brought many of our pages (including this one) into line with the HTML RFCs, and made a few improvements to our CGI scripts (including the ability to query for homepages by full or partial names).
Mike (
Wrong Mike (
Web Serf and Perl Peasant, he is currently working for I/S on the official MIT web server, as well as trying in his copious spare time to hack together a threaded version of httpd.

There, wasn't that exciting? Sorry I had to remove the sex and violence and the epic, sweeping romances. It would have overloaded our server.
The end.