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The MIT Athena delete/undelete package

What is it?

The MIT Athena delete/undelete package is a set of utilities to protect users from accidental file deletion. They provide an alternative interface to file and directory removal (i.e., they replace rm and rmdir); deleted files and directories are actually renamed (by prefixing their names with ".#") rather than removed, so that they can be recovered later if necessary.

The package was written for MIT's Project Athena by Jonathan Kamens, who continues to maintain and distribute a free version of it on the Net.

To see how MIT Athena represents the package to its users, see the Athena Consulting service's stock answer about it.

Where can I get it?

The current version of this package (it is currently at patchlevel 17) is available here. A library package called "com_err" is required in order to install delete/undelete. If you do not have the "com_err" package already installed, you can get a version of it here.

Where can I find out more?

Write to me at

Are there other ways to avoid accidental file deletion?

Numerous packages have been developed over the years to prevent accidental file deletion under UNIX. XXX Eventually, I'll dredge up a list of them and put it here.

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