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You've reached the home page of Jonathan Kamens.

You can contact me at jik@kamens.us. My public GPG key can be found here. I'm on Mastodon.

If you benefit from any of the many things I've put out into the world, you can support me on Patreon.


The Jewish Holidays and Event Scheduling page will tell you everything you need to know to avoid scheduling events on dates that will conflict with Jewish holidays.

I maintain a pretty useful comics aggregator.


Free software that I maintain or dabble in includes:


I belong to the MIT Student Information Processing Board (well, at least, I'm an alumni member).


Some of the projects I've worked on in the past are:


Some of the publications I've worked on are:


Check out this glossary for definitions of some of the Jewish terms I use in these pages.

Spam filtering

Click here for a brief history of my efforts to keep spam out of my inbox.

I use bogofilter to filter my email. It does a very good job (except when it doesn't; see that brief history I just mentioned for details). This graph shows the volume of spam I receive per day and how much of it bogofilter blocks automatically:

spam graph

This shows the percentage of spam blocked each day:

spam percentage graph

I also filter incoming email using the Spamhaus ZEN blocklist. Here's some history of how much email it blocks:

Spamhaus graph

Note that a blocklist blocks SMTP connections, whether or not those connections would have actually tried to send email to valid local accounts, whereas bogofilter blocks email messages to real users. This is why the number of messages blocked by Spamhaus is so much higher than the number blocked by bogofilter — most attempts to send spam are sent to invalid email addresses.

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