Appendix Introduction (Reference Guide)

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This appendix has five main sections. The first section is a chart of the MH 6.8.3 commands covered in this book. It lists each command's switches and parameters (with defaults in bold face), refers you to the book section about each one, and gives a brief explanation. It's an easy way to find examples and descriptions of specific MH commands.

The MH section doesn't cover features, like POP support and BBoards, that aren't covered in this book. Your online mh-chart(1) manual page was customized for the options set when MH was installed on your system. Use it to find other online manual pages you might want to read.

If you aren't using MH 6.8.3, some commands and options will be different. To get a similar listing online for your version of MH, you can type -help to any MH command.

The other sections are:

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