Google Services

Google offers a variety of services that help you build new revenue streams, manage app distribution, track app usage, and enhance your app with features such as maps, sign-in, and cloud messaging.

Although these Google services are not included in the Android platform, they are supported by most Android-powered devices. When using these services, you can distribute your app on Google Play to all devices running Android 2.2 or higher, and some services support even more devices.


Google Play In-App Billing

Build an app with a steady revenue stream that keeps users engaged by offering new content or virtual goods directly in your app. All transactions are handled by Google Play Store for a simple user experience.

Google Analytics

Measure your success and gain insights into how users engage with your app content by integrating Google Analytics. You can track in-app purchases, the number of active users, interaction patterns, and much more.

Google AdMob Ads

Display ads from AdMob offer you an alternative revenue opportunity that leverages multiple ad networks with targeted ads and several display formats.