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The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome

How to help

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You can help the project in various ways, the best thing to do first is to subscribe to the mailing-list as explained before, check the archives and the Gnome bug database:

  1. Provide patches when you find problems.
  2. Provide the diffs when you port libxml2 to a new platform. They may not be integrated in all cases but help pinpointing portability problems and
  3. Provide documentation fixes (either as patches to the code comments or as HTML diffs).
  4. Provide new documentations pieces (translations, examples, etc ...).
  5. Check the TODO file and try to close one of the items.
  6. Take one of the points raised in the archive or the bug database and provide a fix. Get in touch with me before to avoid synchronization problems and check that the suggested fix will fit in nicely :-)

Daniel Veillard