Stan Zanarotti (

Welcome to my Home page. As you might tell from the above picture, I am a Multician. Even if Multics machines are now extinct, I am still a Multician. I started hacking on a consistent, quality system where files and memory were one and the same. Having done so, it's pretty easy to recognize the gaps in Unix. People try to fix them, but some things need to be done "right" from the start. For more information about Multics, look here.

One important rule that Multics followed is "If it's not on tape, it's not saved". Many people learn this rule the hard way.

Well, enough of the soapbox. What do I actually do? I am a member of the MIT Student Information Processing Board (SIPB). There, I've hacked on a number of projects, notably discuss (try it using Matthew Gray's and Bert Dvornik's discuss gateway, a networked conferencing system similar to Multics forum. It's different than Usenet in that it's local to a site, archives messages, and has real security.

My job is programming for Dimensional Insight, Inc, which I helped start in 1989. Dimensional Insight develops business intelligence software for looking at large amounts of information quickly and easily. The products, called DI-Atlantis and DI-Diver, run on Windows, Unix and iSeries platforms.

I am an advisor for the Jack Florey fund.

This is more of an information page than my start page containing links to what I use every day. It really doesn't contain that much, although it will tell you what I look at on the web.

In terms of useful stuff, my Mom's cheesecake recipe is here.
Her peasoup recipe is here.
If you make either of them, let me know (and maybe leave some for me)

My recommendations for places to eat in Rome are here.

Well, that's it for now. Happy hacking.