Useful Gateways and Services

SIPB Web Services

HDML Wireless Web Script
Access services such as finger, zwrite, zlocate from your wireless phone.
Comment script
Learn how to use the comment script in your home page. Users will have a more friendly interface to send you email.
Web page usage counter
Learn how to use our simple web page counter.
Locate Athena users using the zlocate program.
Zephyr is a distributed messaging system developed at MIT available from athena-dist. This gateway allows you to locate where on the Athena distributed network a user is logged in. For example, you can see if any of the webmasters are currently logged in.
Zwrite gateway
Contact MIT students from the web via zephyr.
Get current weather information and Boston forecast
This is a point and click map of the US which will then retrieve current weather conditions and forecasts for that location.
A finger gateway
This gateway will return useful finger information for as many places as possible. If you know of a place where it isn't as useful as it could be, let us know. Right now, querying is a way to demonstrate one of the nifty features.
Acronym database gateway
Look up entries in the "Whats" acronym database.
TransWeb allows anyone with a forms or imagemap capable web browser to make transparent gifs

SIPB Services

Interface to the cview program
Cview displays information on free Athena workstations broken down by location

Other Useful Services

Computer virus protection software
IS&T information on Virus Protection.
Athena and SIPB AFS cells
AFS is a the Andrew File System, a distributed file system used at MIT and dozens of other sites. The SIPB maintains an AFS cell of its own and exports the SIPB and Athena cells to the web.
The MITSFS Pinkdex
An on-line index of the MIT Science Fiction Society library, the largest science fiction collection in the world.
OLC Stock Answers to Common Questions
The Online Consultants answers to common questions. Includes answers to many questions about using Athena.
Search the MIT Student and Staff Directory.
A gateway to the MIT PhoneBook server, with information on MIT staff and students.
MIT floorplans
MIT community only.
MIT Workstation Cluster maps
nocturne and sepherke maintain a set of maps of various workstation clusters around MIT.
A machine information gateway
This gateway provides DNS information about hostnames, and can handle queries for hostnames which involve odd DNS hacks, like
SIPB documents
Information on everything from AFS, to Linux, to Zephyr, to SIPB itself.
Usenet FAQs sorted by group and sorted by hierarchy.
Free Software Foundation
FTP site for the Free Software Foundation, pre-release work.
Growth of the Web and Internet
Matthew Gray's report documents the growth of the web since mid-1993. The early data was collected using Matthew's World Wide Web Wanderer, the first web spider.
The Oxford English Dictionary
A monster dictionary -- available to MIT people on the Web.

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