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Android APIs
Added in API level 1



Filter A Filter provides a mechanism for exercising fine-grained control over which records get logged. 
LoggingMXBean LoggingMXBean is the management interface for the logging sub-system. 


ConsoleHandler A handler that writes log messages to the standard output stream System.err
ErrorManager An error reporting facility for Handler implementations to record any error that may happen during logging. 
FileHandler A FileHandler writes logging records into a specified file or a rotating set of files. 
Formatter Formatter objects are used to format LogRecord objects into a string representation. 
Handler A Handler object accepts a logging request and exports the desired messages to a target, for example, a file, the console, etc. 
Level Level objects are used to indicate the level of logging. 
Logger Loggers are used to log records to a variety of destinations such as log files or the console. 
LoggingPermission Legacy security code; do not use. 
LogManager LogManager is used to maintain configuration properties of the logging framework, and to manage a hierarchical namespace of all named Logger objects. 
LogRecord A LogRecord object represents a logging request. 
MemoryHandler A Handler put the description of log events into a cycled memory buffer. 
SimpleFormatter SimpleFormatter can be used to print a summary of the information contained in a LogRecord object in a human readable format. 
SocketHandler A handler that writes log messages to a socket connection. 
StreamHandler A StreamHandler object writes log messages to an output stream, that is, objects of the class OutputStream
XMLFormatter Formatter to convert a LogRecord into an XML string.