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public class


extends Object
   ↳ android.animation.AnimatorInflater

Class Overview

This class is used to instantiate animator XML files into Animator objects.

For performance reasons, inflation relies heavily on pre-processing of XML files that is done at build time. Therefore, it is not currently possible to use this inflater with an XmlPullParser over a plain XML file at runtime; it only works with an XmlPullParser returned from a compiled resource (R. something file.)


Public Constructors
Public Methods
static Animator loadAnimator(Context context, int id)
Loads an Animator object from a resource
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public AnimatorInflater ()

Added in API level 11

Public Methods

public static Animator loadAnimator (Context context, int id)

Added in API level 11

Loads an Animator object from a resource

context Application context used to access resources
id The resource id of the animation to load
  • The animator object reference by the specified id
Resources.NotFoundException when the animation cannot be loaded