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Capturing Photos

Dependencies and prerequisites

  • Android 1.5 (API level 3) or higher
  • A device with a camera

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The world was a dismal and featureless place before rich media became prevalent. Remember Gopher? We don't, either. For your app to become part of your users' lives, give them a way to put their lives into it. Using the on-board cameras, your application can enable users to augment what they see around them, make unique avatars, look for zombies around the corner, or simply share their experiences.

This class gets you clicking fast with some super-easy ways of leveraging existing camera applications. In later lessons, you dive deeper and learn how to control the camera hardware directly.


Taking Photos Simply
Leverage other applications and capture photos with just a few lines of code.
Recording Videos Simply
Leverage other applications and record videos with just a few lines of code.
Controlling the Camera
Control the camera hardware directly and implement your own camera application.