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Syncing to the Cloud

By providing powerful APIs for internet connectivity, the Android framework helps you build rich cloud-enabled apps that sync their data to a remote web service, making sure all your devices always stay in sync, and your valuable data is always backed up to the cloud.

This class covers different strategies for cloud enabled applications. It covers syncing data with the cloud using your own back-end web application, and backing up data using the cloud so that users can restore their data when installing your application on a new device.


Using the Backup API
Learn how to integrate the Backup API into your Android Application, so that user data such as preferences, notes, and high scores update seamlessly across all of a user's devices
Making the Most of Google Cloud Messaging
Learn how to efficiently send multicast messages, react intelligently to incoming Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) messages, and use GCM messages to efficiently sync with the server.