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Running in a Background Service

Dependencies and prerequisites

  • Android 1.6 (API Level 4) or higher

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Unless you specify otherwise, most of the operations you do in an app run in the foreground on a special thread called the UI thread. This can cause problems, because long-running operations will interfere with the responsiveness of your user interface. This annoys your users, and can even cause system errors. To avoid this, the Android framework offers several classes that help you off-load operations onto a separate thread running in the background. The most useful of these is IntentService.

This class describes how to implement an IntentService, send it work requests, and report its results to other components.


Creating a Background Service
Learn how to create an IntentService.
Sending Work Requests to the Background Service
Learn how to send work requests to an IntentService.
Reporting Work Status
Learn how to use an Intent and a LocalBroadcastManager to communicate the status of a work request from an IntentService to the Activity that sent the request.