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Notifying the User

Dependencies and prerequisites

  • Android 1.6 (API Level 4) or higher

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A notification is a user interface element that you display outside your app's normal UI to indicate that an event has occurred. Users can choose to view the notification while using other apps and respond to it when it's convenient for them.

The Notifications design guide shows you how to design effective notifications and when to use them. This class shows you how to implement the most common notification designs.


Building a Notification
Learn how to create a notification Builder, set the required features, and issue the notification.
Preserving Navigation when Starting an Activity
Learn how to enforce the proper navigation for an Activity started from a notification.
Updating Notifications
Learn how to update and remove notifications.
Using Big View Styles
Learn how to create a big view within an expanded notification, while still maintaining backward compatibility.
Displaying Progress in a Notification
Learn how to display the progress of an operation in a notification, both for operations where you can estimate how much has been completed (determinate progress) and operations where you don't know how much has been completed (indefinite progress).